28th March – Palm Sunday

Church of Ireland

Calry Parish Church

Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh

Notice Sheet

28th March – 4th April 2021 – Palm Sunday and Easter

Rector: Canon Patrick Bamber Tel: 071 91 46513

email: rector@calry.ie  web: www.calry.ie  fb:/calryparishchurch/  Day off - Monday

Linked with the Diocese of Kindu, Province of the Anglican Church of Congo


This is Holy Week. Today, Palm Sunday, is the final theme in our Lent series as we look at Rest. The final applications should give you the last points in a Rule of Life. Have you been putting this into practice?

NB: After church Zoom will be taking a break today and Easter Day.


Operation Transformation - Calry Lent Series

Sunday Theme Texts
28th March

Palm Sunday

Rest Psalm 23

Hebrews 4.1-11


Rule of Life


Begin your day with prayer.

Use a prayer diary or list.

Mix liturgical prayer with your own words

Pray under your breath throughout the day.

End the day in prayer.



Read the Bible daily.

Look for opportunities to understand it.

Do it!



God – Spend something daily on worshipping God.

Household – Once a day unhurried interaction.

Fellowship – Weekly conversation with someone from church.

World – In Lent support a project or person outside our church.



Pray for three friends or family members who don’t currently live for Christ.

Ask God for opportunities to share your faith.

Pray for mission work here and elsewhere.

Support it with your time and money.



Be thankful for all who have blessed you by giving.
Make sure you know the financial needs of your Church.  Find out!
Re-examine your financial giving. Is it guided by God?



Ensure that you have a day of rest every seven, when, as far as possible, you avoid your usual work and do what promotes restoration and refreshment for body, mind and spirit.

Promote rhythm in your life - work and rest, busy seasons and quieter times.

Remember that we can rest because God has done all that needs to be done.

Calry Services for Holy Week

Day Title Time
Monday 29th Daily Office 9.30 am
Tuesday 30th Daily Office 9.30 am
Wednesday 31st Daily Office 9.30 am
Maundy Thursday 1st Holy Communion 8.00 pm
Good Friday 2nd Meditation on the Cross 12.00 pm
Easter Eve 3rd Service of Light and Renewal of Baptismal Promises 8.00 pm
Easter Day 4th Diocesan Service of Holy Communion with St John’s 11.00 am


These services can all be found www.facebook.com/calryparishchurch/ or at calry.ie

But the Easter morning service will be on the Diocesan YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCT4Vir1O4cdG7xBdGBosdMQ


Spring to Life

This year all activities will be online which you can find at https://www.facebook.com/springtolifesligo and on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uLmzGnqYZI

Each day there will be at least one new video in a series called ‘Sligo Voices of Hope’. These are local Christians describing in their own words what God has done in their lives.

On Good Friday there will be another virtual Prayer Walk led by Matthew Boardwell.

We will also have the Drumcliffe Messy Easter event for families on Good Friday.


Bishop Ferran’s Holy Week Services

Each day Bishop Ferran has a service with a meditation based on a reading from Mark’s Gospel. These can be found on the KEA YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBF_IIYKv4U


Youth Night

… at 7.30 pm this evening. But then we will be taking a break for Easter.


Inter-church Prayer Meetings

8.00 - 9.00 am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Holy Week on Zoom. Ask Patrick for the link.


Wednesday Evening Lent Group

We will meet for the last time on Wednesday 31st at 8.00 pm on Zoom, but there will be no group on Weds 7th.


Calry Online Sunday School

Is taking a break for Easter. Next session should be on Wednesday 14th at 6.00 pm.


Telephone Service

Currently you can get the weekly diocesan service on your phone by dialling 048 912 43 912 anytime.


Prayer Points:

  • that we would apply a Rule of Life
  • the sick in body, mind or spirit and those who are bereaved
  • good outreach through local churches during Holy Week in Spring to Life
  • Yemen – millions threatened with starvation
  • justice in Myanmar


There remains then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God;

for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works

Hebrews 4.9-10