28 May 2023 – Pentecost

Church of Ireland

Calry Parish Church

Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh

Notice Sheet

28 May 2023 – Pentecost

Rector: Ven Patrick Bamber Tel: 071 91 46513

Associate Minister: Canon Ronnie Bourke

email: rector@calry.ie  fb:/calryparishchurch  www.calry.ie  Day off - Monday

Linked with the Diocese of Kindu, Province of the Anglican Church of Congo



This is Pentecost. Readings today is Acts 2.1-21. Hymns are: Come set your rule and reign; Holy Spirit living breath of God; and Lord of the church. Sunday School is on today.

There is no service in St John’s today.


Bishop Ferran’s 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

A special service is being held in Kilmore Cathedral today at 4.00 pm. It would be really good to have a large representation from Calry attending. If you need a lift, or could offer a lift in your car, please get in touch.


Forthcoming Service Times

Date Details
4 June 8.30 am Holy Communion

11.00 am All Age Worship


Church Barbecue for Kindu

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the fundraiser yesterday. We are very thankful for a really enjoyable afternoon and over €1200 raised through some generous giving.

If you want to make a donation you can do so electronically by going to : www.idonate.ie/CalryKinduTeam


Tuesday Rectory Group

Tuesday group meets this week at 11.00 am.


Saturday 8 am Spring to Life Prayer Meeting


3 June – Sligo Methodist Church


Bell Frame

On Friday and Saturday a tricky operation was carried out on the structure that supports the church bell. The wooden supports were showing signs of decay. Robert Craig and Wendy Lyons (conservation architect) came up with a solution that could be installed without the need for expensive scaffolding. Pieces of steel were carried by hand up two sets of ladders and carefully bolted onto the old supports, greatly enhancing them. Well done to our Glebe Warden David Henry for getting the project over the line and to the builder Martin Wilson and his team. We are grateful for a grant of €3000 from the Heritage Council to cover a portion of the cost.


For Prayer:

  • Clara Hewston and her family
  • students sitting exams
  • Kindu – security, flooding, new dioceses & MU


Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Acts 2.21