27th September 2020 – Trinity XVI

Church of Ireland
Calry Parish Church
Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh
Notice Sheet
27th September 2020 – Trinity XVI


Rector: Canon Patrick Bamber Tel: 071 91 46513
email: rector@calry.ie  web: www.calry.ie  fb:/calryparishchurch/  Day off - Monday
Linked with the Diocese of Kindu, Province of the Anglican Church of Congo


Good morning and welcome!

The 11 o’clock in Calry is a service of the word.

But for the first time since March there is a 10 am Service of Morning Prayer in St John’s Hospital.


Forthcoming Sunday Services (subject to change):

Date Service
4th October 10.00 am St John’s Hospital - Holy Communion

6.00 pm Calry - Harvest Thanksgiving

NB: There won’t be any 11 am service next Sunday.



The Calry Harvest Thanksgiving will be next Sunday 4th October at 6 pm. Can you help to decorate the church with flowers and produce? Speak to Yvonne or the Rector.

We need to give the church a thorough clean. If you can give some time in the week to cleaning please contact the Rector.

NB: Sadly, there won’t be any Harvest Tea this year.


Calling all Calry families!

We need some letters of the alphabet to be made up to help decorate the church. Each one should be on a separate sheet of A3 card or paper. It can be painted on or formed using some seasonable materials like leaves or berries etc. Please contact the Rector to hear what letter or letters need to be made.


St John’s Hospital

It’s been a long time since we had our 10 am services. Thankfully they resume today. Unfortunately, only residents in the hospital may attend, besides whoever is leading the service. Please remember this ministry in your prayers.


Congregations in Calry

In these strange times most of us should be aware that we have to be mindful of others as well as our own health. So please note the following points:

  1. If you are over 12 and unless you are speaking at the front or singing in the choir please wear a mask.
  2. Two people from different households can sit in most of the downstairs pews but must be at either end of the pew. If you are from the same household more than two can sit together.
  3. When the downstairs has a maximum of 50 people more people can sit upstairs, BUT they must enter and exit through the side doors following a one-way system. Those upstairs must not mix with those downstairs. Places to sit are clearly marked upstairs. Please respect the arrangements that have been made.


The Catalysts

This Wednesday 30th in the church at 10.30 am Morgan Walsh will be speaking on ‘Memories of Woolworths’. Membership costs €20. See the green programme form for details or go to www.sligocatalysts.com


Saturday Morning Prayer

If you would like to join others in a dedicated time of prayer join us on Zoom from 8.00 – 9.00 am with Christians from a variety of other Sligo churches. If you want to get the link email Pastor Mike Wilson from Sligo Baptist Church on: mrwilson@worldventure.net


Grammar CU

This takes place on Friday after class at 2.45 pm in the library. Students from all years are welcome.


IT Sligo

Students are returning to Sligo after the long break. Almost all classes will be online which, is a major adjustment for staff as well as students. Please pray for the Chaplaincy as various online services are made available including Alpha.


Website Images

Do you have any good pictures that depict some aspect of Calry or its people? Then please send them to Eric D’Errico at ericderrico@gmail.com


Prayer Support

If you would like prayer for yourself or a situation you are concerned about please contact the prayer team by emailing prayer@calry.ie


Easter General Vestry

The Bishop has requested that all parishes hold their much delayed Easter General Vestry in this season. Calry’s is due to take place on Thursday 8th October at 8.00 pm in Calry Church. It will begin with a service called the Late Evening Office. This is a public event and an opportunity to elect and appoint all those who will serve as church officers both at parish and diocesan level. This year is a triennial election, so parochial nominators and appointments to diocesan synod will also be decided. Only members of the Calry General Vestry can vote. If you are not currently a member and wish to become one please speak to the Rector or one of the church wardens.



Please note our services are being live-streamed on Facebook and the website www.calry.ie Only those in the area between the lectern and the Lord’s Table from 11 am will be visible on screen.


Prayer Points:

  • schools and colleges
  • the sick and bereaved
  • our parish finances
  • blessing and protection on staff and children in Cosy Cats
  • wildfires burning in California, Oregon and Washington


‘Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? Declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?’

Ezekiel 18.23