19th April 2020 – Second Sunday of Easter.

Church of Ireland

Calry Parish Church

Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh

Notice Sheet

19th April 2020 – Second Sunday of Easter

Rector: Canon Patrick Bamber Tel: 071 91 46513 – Day-off: Monday

email: calry@elphin.anglican.org   web: www.calry.elphin.anglican.org  fb:/calryparishchurch/

Linked with the Diocese of Kindu, Province of the Anglican Church of Congo                                                                                              

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

Forthcoming Sunday Services (subject to change):

Date Service Time & Type
26th April   11.00 am Service of the Word at: facebook.com/calryparishchurch/

Emailed Notice Sheet

Many thanks to Eric D’Errico who is sending out these notice sheet on email. If you have yet to receive one it is probably because we don’t have your correct email address. Use the contact details above to send it in.

If you would rather recieve a hard copy just let us know.

Calry Daily Office (prayer, Bible reading and reflection):

Monday – Friday 9.00 am and Saturday at 9.00 pm at: facebook.com/calryparishchurch/

Confirmation Group

The Confirmation Preparation Group resumes again on Tuesday at 3.30 pm over M/S Teams. Young people will be sent a reminder to their email.

Wednesday Evening

The house group will resume on Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Zoom. If you would like to join in and haven’t done so before now just send an email or text to Canon Patrick.

Saturday Prayer Meeting

Every Saturday at 8 am is a Zoom prayer meeting. Yesterday there were 17 different households involved from 6 different churches. If you want to join in get in touch with Canon Patrick and ask for the link. You don’t need any special software, just an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Carla is keen to hear from any Calry young people who are feeling bored or could do with a bit of light Spanish conversation. You can make contact with her on:  carla.marin.r@gmail.com Don’t forget next Saturday’s Zoom conversation at 7 pm. Ask her for the link.

 Practical Help!

Please contact the Rector if any of these things apply:

- you are experiencing significant challenges with your personal finances Protestant Aid has some funds available.

- you need some help with food – Sligo Resource House Project has some resources.

- you need help collecting essential supplies or other practical matters.

If you are just feeling lonely and need to talk to someone get in touch!


Giving is a part and parcel of our worship. The traditional methods of giving are made very difficult at this time. But if you want to continue your regular giving to Calry why not do so electronically? For details please just get in touch with the Rector or the Treasurer Mrs Margaret Henry.


The new designated prayer email address is: prayer@calry.ie

If you need prayer for yourself, someone else you know or a situation that is a cause for concern then just send a brief message to this address. A group of Calry pray-ers will then pray. They are: Tessa Marsden, David and Jennifer Bourke, Canon Ronnie and Ruth Bourke, Carla Marin and Canon Patrick.

The group are not there to enter into correspondence. It is a not a counselling service. The sole purpose of it is to ensure anyone in our church family or any visitors we have can be prayed for.

The emails will be treated with strict confidentiality.*

Obviously, many others in our church are great pray-ers and this is not meant to be a substitute to praying for yourself. But it’s a bit of extra help when the need is felt.

*There may be rare occasions when for reasons of child or vulnerable adult protection a matter raised in a prayer email may need to be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Pray for:

  • school-aged children and young people with the new term due to start tomorrow. Especially please pray for Leaving Cert students whose plans have been disrupted with the likely delay of the summer exams by a month or more.
  • HSE employees, care home staff, other health care professionals and ‘front-line’ workers putting themselves at risk for the benefit of others
  • wisdom for leaders in national and local government
  • those who are under severe pressure because of financial worries, loneliness, addictions or relationship difficulties
  • that good would come in our society and across the world as a result of this pandemic


God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of the fact.   Acts 2.32